My most frustrating day and yet most profitable.

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Today began with pure utter frustration and me yelling profanities at my computer. I am usually a calm and even tempered person but don’t mess with my internet connection to trade. I logged on at 9:15 after dropping my daughter off at daycare to pull up equityfeed only to have the router drop my laptop connection. I was ready to punch my screen! I spent 45 minutes last night trying to figure out the problem so there would be no issues with trading. I even called Apple Care. Once my husband heard me cursing he came into my office and hugged me and reminded me about the hotspot capability on my phone. So I set up a temporary solution to tether to my phone, while my husband went out to buy our new amazing d-link ac 3200. By the time he came back I was proud to tell him of my success to be my most profitable day yet.

I have the chart of SCOR posted as it was my swing trade that I exhibited great patience. I entered last Monday at 28.26 after a huge selloff. I should have been a bit more patient to enter near the low of year and week of 26.20. I knew that the news of the delay of the reporting of their financials and a sell off of 30% was an overreaction. I think this comes from my value investing days where I saw this negative news as a catalyst, however the value of the stock would bring it back to close the gap.  Once the news of the selloff slipped away and some positive press behind it my target of 29.45 would easily be hit. My husband would ask me daily about the stock ever since I asked him to watch it when I took the day off last Tuesday.  We discussed last night about my sell target and I took my partial profit at 29.45. I had another target set to 30.49 and then as I saw it break 30 I let the emotions get to me. I saw the profit and I wanted to lock it in. As soon as I sold at 30.10 it continued to climb hitting 30.50.  I then saw an opportunity to short and sold at 30.40 and in a fat finger error I closed my short at 30.21. After that gap down it contined to climb up to high of day 30.89. Once again I need to work on letting my winners develop and not cut too soon. I am so thankful I made $4300 and learned how to anticipate these moves. I ended up going long again at 30.74 3:55 looking for a gap up and further climb to the stock.

Today was my best day yet with $4558. I am so thankful I took the time to work hard and learn. It is crazy to know that I basically made my husbands one month take home pay (converted to CAD) in one day. I was honestly in shock when I was sitting down eating lunch with my husband. My adrenaline was coursing through my veins and I couldn’t believe this has become my reality.

You can make it happen too with hard work! Study hard have the right tools and change your life starting today! It just takes small steps daily to make your dream come true no matter what you dream for yourself.

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  1. Bravo Jane.You inspire us all.Continued success to you and your family.Also,long live Tim Sykes :)…
    Maybe he should run for president at some point lol….

  2. I’m fairly new to trading and wanted to know how your set up. I see two big screens and a laptop. What’s running the big screens and what laptop do you have? Thank you for the inspiration and posting your thoughts and profits. Everything helps.

    1. Clinton,

      I have a macbook pro with two mini ports that power the screens. You don’t need a macbook pro, but to run the multiple screens I would recommend a laptop with multiple ports.

      1. That’s what it looked like. I love that look. Looks like you know what you’re doing. I have a macbook air. I would think one big screen is better than what I have now. Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate it. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

      2. Jane,
        Is the how to make millions dvd the only product you bought from Tim to help you along since you already had market experience?
        Any other stuff you got from Tim that is worthwhile?


  3. Great Post! Keep up with the updates they are always a good learning experience and it’s been pretty cool watching you learn and grow as well. I would recommend connecting through Ethernet cable – I’ve found that wireless (not matter how expensive the router or brand) always seems to cause some issue one way or another.

    Keep up the good work.

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