Transparency even on the tough days

Monday began the week with a new challenge of trading and teaching. Well the rest of the week has been a challenge too. I think this week in my closed positions after commissions I might be up around $300. It seems like a scratch week for me.

Wednesday morning at 2am my little one woke up with a fever of 101.9, so that meant a day of TLC and no daycare. Not only was my little snuggle bug home, but we also had repair construction going on from water damage that happened back in February. I thought I can still trade.

My mind this week has not been as devoted to trading as it should be and it showed with my poor entries. I have not been attentive to getting out of my trades and cutting losses quickly thinking they will rebound. I am still long $BABY, $HRB, $KORS and $BKE.

This week I feel like I let all my readers down without having a stellar week again, however I know I’m human. I make mistakes and I can only try to learn from them. It has been rough week.

Monday is a new beginning to the week and a new trading day. I will try to start fresh there. I have received some requests for questions to be answered in the blog and I will get to them.

I always appreciate the feedback and all the thank yous. Its easy to write when it has been a successful week. A week like this past one is harder to share.

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  1. Thank you, Jane. Do you use TC2000 for charting? What makes eSignal different from TC2000?

    1. Not sure what TC2000 is…..And I don’t use eSignal, but I know they use it in two of the chatrooms I use. Looks like a high end charting software. Thinking about trying it for a month.

  2. Hi Jane,
    I copied you Tim Gritanni’s Blog spot as he keeps a monthly tracker of his trades.
    If you haven’t seen this, notice that statistically you just cant ever go straight up. You have to have some pull back, just like our stocks! Your doing fantastic and that all that matters.

    Also, noticed your looking at eTrade. I use it and its very expensive for the amount of trading you do. Many active traders I know use Speedtrader or Interactive Broker for their large accounts to keep their active trading costs down. You need a lot of capital for these two brokers but I believe you have that. Check them out if you wish. You’ll find the monthly expenses will be much lower.

    Be well, doing GREAT !!!

    1. Thank you Jules,

      It’s true we can’t be right 100% of the time. I will take my loss Monday and move forward. It’s a lesson to learn from and continue growing. Thank God my loss isn’t as big as his huge loss on LAKE. That is a really tough pill to swallow. Thank you for the feedback on Etrade.

  3. Hi Jane, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts… Thank you so much! I definitely relate to you in many ways. I’ve traded on many days while my 18th month old napped.
    I started trading with real money a month ago and have been successful until two days ago. I was very consistent and was up 6.5k in the month of March. Two days ago, I was trading twitter and lost the entire 6.5k.
    My question is: how do you come back from a huge loss? I know that I should have taken the quick and small loss but I kept it thinking that it would go back up since they acquire two new board members.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Lam I think for all traders it is the stages of grief we have to go through in order to move forward. Once we accept that it is the past we are human and can do it again just like before. Then it is easy to move forward. I’m underwater with BABY and I should have cut it the first day. I see more opportunities to grow money instead of being a bag holder. I gave it a week to bounce and it hasn’t come back yet time to cut my loser and move forward. No more bag holding.

  4. Remember one thing folks.The ultimate teacher for traders is blowing up an account or two.There is no way around that.It happened to Jesse livermore,Richard Dennis,Paul Tudor Jones, Tim Grittani,etc etc etc.Of course there are outliers as well such as Tim Sykes,Warren Buffet,Ray Dalio,David Harding,Ed Seykota etc etc.
    The experience has to be traumatic for it to become instilled in our primitive brains.
    Assuming that one has the intestinal and mental fortitude to survive and try again after a blow up, that is when losses become barely noticeable on a profit graph .

    IMHO 🙂

    1. I am sorry but I disagree! That is the wrong mentality – in fact I am a new trader and I have managed to keep losses to a minimum, right now I am at about. 55% profitable – yes I have made mistakes (mostly en emotional and not following my own rules) but I do see me maturating everyday

      1. Nothing to be sorry about. I am simply stating facts mixed in with my observations over a 36 year trading adventure.
        There is no right and wrong here,just what works best for individuals.Zuckerberg hit a grand slam on his first at bat.Paul Tudor Jones went bust and then hit his grand slam.
        Its all about probabilities and possibilities,the outliers are just like the black swans that cannot be perceived until they occur.
        Never discount the effect of luck(randomness) in anything associated with life,as it is more present than anyone cares to admit!
        Ray Dalio, David Harding = outliers.
        Long Term Capital Mgmt = black swan.


  5. Jane, great post and appreciate the transparency to us readers. As you already know losses are a part of trading but what’s most important is that you keep those losses small. Even if you average 2 losses for every win as long as you come out positive you’re doing great. Most importantly, never stop investing in your education. Markets are never consistent one strategy that works may not work 6 months down the road. It requires us to adapt appropriately.

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