It was another stellar week locking in roughly $5,000 in profits up to $15,000 for the month. Don’t get me wrong I had a bad start to the week self sabotaging my winning trades of $980 in the first 45 min. I am learning a lot from Mandi Pour Rafsendjani about the psychology of trading. I definitely had wonder women syndrome where I could do no wrong. I positioned large and gave back my gains and then some.

Tuesday I started fresh as each trade is a new possibility. I made roughly $1700 for the day. Trading is definitely a reflection of your mindset for the day. So I am working on myself to get better with my trades. Let me ego go and set hard stops to protect myself from myself.

I find that the entries in going long are the riskiest time in it going against me. I am trying to get better at adding hard stops right off the start to minimize my risk. If I enter at the wrong time I would rather take a small loss than be a bag holder all day and waste my time. If I entered at the wrong time the hard stop will help me defeat my ego and protect myself.

I used hard stops all week and I feel less stressed in my trading. I move the stops up as the profit is climbing so I don’t let those profits tank away on me. We are our worst critic and I have seen my weaknesses of not cutting losers. This week I had 4 green days and 1 red.

Onto the the stocks above. I wish I had more capital to hold $JWN over the weekend as well. All 3 of these stocks I believe will have a spike up at open on Monday.

$JWN has been oversold with earnings and then just announced their dividend. In the past two days it has gone up $2 and it was continuing to rise over the weekend. In my opinion value brokers are going to push this value stock to the baby boomers who are interested in looking for residual income on stocks that are fairly safe. It is due to grow and give them income in the next week. Monday I think will provide a nice spike at open and slow growth through Wednesday a great swing trade to sell just before dividends, since the next day the stock usually tanks.

$ENDP is down to $15.44 from the $80’s last year. This stock is oversold and just had a Billionaire John Paulson increased his position by 30% in this stock. I executed my trade awfully today getting out too soon. I made $500 and if I had left my limits it would have been $4950. I did not see the news or else I would have held until it hit all my limits. Seeing the fact that the stock did not tank down and consolidated all day. In my opinion the shorts tried to sell off the stock all day, however the investors saw that it is a bargain after a Billionaire Investor jumps on board. My anticipation is that the news will spread over the weekend and the stock will have buyer and shorts getting squeezed.

$CLRB was a huge penny stock winner of the day with a patent issued by FDA. The same thought process led me to hold this over the weekend as a couple months ago this stock was at 10 dollars. It is a lower float stock, so that usually means faster runs in price action. The stock held its value all day with dip down to 3 and then a high by end of day of 3.89. The shorts were trying to find borrows and trying to knock down the price.  It did not happen and I believe the strength of today and the news will excite more buying on Monday and a pull back on Tuesday. Could be a bit squeeze, but more upside before tanking in my opinion.

As always I love hearing feedback from you. It makes my trading more personal and I like to hear how I can help you. I’m working on a training site with Mandi which will be coming soon. I have had people ask me for personal training and I am willing but it comes at a cost. The idea of having the training site will be more affordable for more people.

If you have questions or comments you can contact me here or on Profitly, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

As always take time this weekend to spend time with friends and family as that time is priceless. If you are in Canada have a wonderful Victoria Day Weekend.

This blog is for information purposes I am not a registered securities broker-dealer or an investment advisor. The information here is not intended as securities brokerage, investment or as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy, or as an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any company, security or fund.



  1. Hey Jane, massive congrats on this incredible week, you are inspiring quite a few people by sharing this.

    My question is slightly technical. I am now familiarizing myself with Interactive Brokers trading platform – TWS. And since I have no previous experience of trading, tws appears just overwhelming.
    So question is – do you need do to switch trading software when switching brokers? Or do you have several if you have accounts with two brokers for example – IB and Etrade? Or is there a third party software that is convenient, and you can just connect it to your accounts from different brokers?
    All Tim’s videos a saw so far he was using Etrade Pro for example, but I’ve also heard he has an IB account.
    Sorry for the naïve question.

    1. Jeff,

      you are correct that each broker has a their own platform so if you change brokers you have to end up using a different platform and software. That is sometimes why people stick with one broker even if commissions are higher. Hope that helps

  2. Hy Jane, I am italian stock trader and i was readying what you wrote…btw, sorry for my english! I have achieved very good results on italian stocks (around 2500% in 10 years scalping stocks)…but now the mkt is totally illiquid and i would like to learn the US stocks, but to be honest i’m also worried (high volatility)…i was on twitter (niktrad) and i have seen your results and so i congratulate with you…personally i do like for a long clrb for monday…what would you honestly suggest to me for a beginner in us stocks (account size, holding one or multiple positions)s? Where should i start learning? Maybe e from Tim or Nathan? Are they really helpfull ??? Hope to hear from you! Ciao ! Pier

    1. Ciao Pier, Io parlo italiano. So if it is easier you can write in Italian and I will respond in English. I definitely think that Tim and Nathan will help you with the American Market. Tim Focuses on Penny stocks and I’m not sure of Nathan’s strategy. I have never studied his technique. That might be my next DVD to buy and study. I would say start with a DVD and see if it makes sense for you. There is definitely high volatility and liquidity in the US market which makes it easy to profit and lose if you don’t have proper risk management to your strategy. I hope that helps and let me know if you have further questions.

  3. I traded CLRB yesterday the exact same way you traded MGT. I guess I gotta make my own mistakes before I learn. Keep the blog going and way to go!

  4. Bonjour,

    Je me permets de vous écrire car je suis nouveau dans le trading de penny stock, pouvez-vous m’aider pour commencer ou me donner quelques valeurs à suivre ? Et bravo pour votre site et votre travail !


    1. Sam,

      Thank you. If you are looking to start with Penny stocks Tim is the guru to follow. Start with his How to Make Millions DVD and study. If you are just beginning then there is a large amount of knowledge to learn. Paper trade as well so you don’t lose money right off the bat

  5. Hi Jane love your blog , posts, and how you explain everything. I tried to tweet u a few times and would just like to ask a few questions but after reading all your blogs I pretty much have an idea of how you got to where you are. I’ve been a follower of yours since February and about the same time I found Tim. Basically I think I’m overloading myself with newsletters ,email,ect to see what works rather then just studying Tims DVDs HTMM that I did buy. Still paper trading and I know you recommend Tims service but you yourself don’t. I know that’s the objective to be self sufficient. There were some questions I really wanted to ask you a few questions and I know your busy but even some advice for a beginner would be awesome. I believe in order to succeed you need to learn and follow those who are successful. Thank you for all you do. John B oh and btw if you are starting a training service I wanna be one of the first. Lol. I gotta learn my way around ToS first. I’m so used to my phone and iPad so I love Mac and have s dell. Need upgrade esp if I’m going to be a profitable trader. Thx again.

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