We all have that lightswitch moment in life…

Today was re-energizing for me regarding my trading passion. I had a good friend from the gym come over to visit our newest addition and catch up. Little did I know that her boyfriend and herself have been following me with my trading career.

It is always great when people come sharing their desire to learn more about trading. Every time I talk about it I end up with more desire to share my experience, as I know there are others out there struggling in jobs they don’t like.

That was the lightbulb moment for me back with our first daughter. I was fed up with my job felt like I was a number and not really a person to the company. I was working many hours for poor pay and thought there has to be something more available to me.

So I began searching out my next career move and falling into my passion with trading. The journey itself is not an easy one. Anyone that says it is easy is a scam artist. It takes time and devotion to learn the market nuances. It was in the beginning of my journey that I found two books that really helped me see I needed to find out my own path. Those books also led me to the idea of writing my own book. I never thought I would be an author but found the desire to help others in their journeys. My book is 1 wekk into editing with the editor and should be released June at the latest. You can sign up for Preorders here

When you wake up in the morning and you feel unsatisfied to go to work, it is time for change. That change has to start within yourself. If you want to change your path, you need to make daily changes. I believe that anyone, yes anyone can learn trading but not necessarily on the same timeframe. You need to make the change in your mindset.

You are good enough to have a job where you create your own schedule. Will it happen overnight? No! Will it take hard work? Yes! but you know that your happiness that you live each day is worth it. All of it is worth it when you are happy to wake up and go to work.

Honestly the whole reason we go to work is to provide for ourselves and our familys. We have basic needs of shelter, clothing and food. Once those needs are met it becomes the hobbies and luxuries we can treat ourselves. The question is how badly do you want these things for yourself?

When you take a couple extra minutes, hours or days out of your week to study the market you will learn it. No one can sit down at a computer and be an amazing trader without studying. There are some amazing free tools out there but it means you need to search for them. Waiting for everything to be given to you means you will be waiting along time.

If you take the train to work, use that time to study. If you have kids like me take 30 min or an hour or more a day once they are down to study. There are ways, but you will have to step out of your comfort zone. There will be days you think I can’t do this, but the truth is with hard work your life will change. You will make it happen for yourself. So go out and do it! Don’t wait until tomorrow start today. The day isn’t over so take some time to improve you life and break free from the daily grind.

Now when you make the decision to go forward and change make sure you have the support of your loved ones. That can sometimes be the hardest part and your hard work and knowledge will help to build the support. If you just quit day one and say tomorrow I will trade it will be hard for them to support you. It takes them understanding you might have losing days too, but hopefully you are able to help educate them as well to know your risk management to keep them comfortable with your gains growing bigger than your losses.

I get haters all the time on Twitter, Intagram, Facebook and Youtube. They don’t believe it is possible or that a woman can do it. I don’t have to justify my life. The result is that I haven’t gone to work for someone else since Mid June 2014. I am proud to say I’m a stay at home mom working for myself and my family. You can too just put in the effort a little each day.

And if you reach out to me and I dont respond immediately please don’t take it personally as I might get to it at a 2 or 3 am feeding while reading on my phone.

I love hearing feedback from you. It makes my trading more personal and I like to hear how I can help you. If you have questions or comments you can contact me here or on Profitly, Twitter (@jane_yul), Instagram (missairplanejane), LinkedIn and Facebook (@sugarairplanejane). carpeprofit@gmail.com or YouTube

Working on my book  to be released this spring of 2017 available on Amazon and major retailers. Sign up here list for updates about when and where to preorder.

The tool I use for scanning and alerting is Trade Ideas who offer an always free trading room. Full Access Test Drive for $8.88 April 10-17th

Also testing out Stocks To Trade that has a 1 week $1 trial 

For my charting and level 2 I use Equityfeed.

This blog is for information purposes. I am not a registered securities broker-dealer or an investment adviser. The information here is not intended as securities brokerage, investment or as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy, or as an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any company, security or fund.



  1. Love your blog Jane. And your spirit. Count me as a loyal follower. But please; “don’t believe a woman can do it.” No, no one with a teaspoon of sense about them believes that or says that. Leave the hysterical victimhood longing for the losers. You’re better than that.

    1. Thank you Stephen. It’s true I get more haters being a female. I just let it go. I see it as a compliment that my life touches them in jealousy way.

  2. Looking forward to seeing more about what your book is about Jane! Congratulations on putting in the work to successfully navigate the markets.

    1. Thank you Jay. Working on all the press release information and website should be up in the next month.

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