Spring is here it’s time to get rid of your winter attitude!

The days are longer and the sun is shining. Everywhere you turn there is new growth and new life happening. Spring is by far my favorite season. All the newness and resilience that is brought forth by mother nature. It leaves me inspired to keep up with my goals and make them reality.

It is amazing how quickly time flies and before you know it you have achieved a goal. Now on the flip side it is also how quickly time flies and you see your dreams slip through your hands if you aren’t motivated.

Bottom line is you are in charge of your future life. The actions you take today will help guide you towards your future life. I wake up each morning because I’m so thankful for the life I’m living. I’m not going to lie and say that it was easy to get here. It takes hard work!

The question is do you think you are worth it? Hell yes you are!!!!

There is the age old thought you have to go to an office or a 9 to 5 job which ultimately makes other’s rich.  That is the old world mentality. Yes a college degree is great, but the job you get with it will not always make you happy.

You have to find your passion and use that to fuel your happiness. There won’t always be good days, but those hard days make you appreciate the good ones. When you change your filter on life you can change your future.

Believe you can do it! You can! The only limitations we put forth are what we tell ourselves in our heads. Usually I’m all about stocks and diligence there, but it all stems from you desire to achieve it and your discipline. No one else can get you there except for you!

I had a dream to become a day trader from home to provide for the family. I worked hard everyday to make that happen. Then I had an idea for a book to share with you all to help you along your path. Very close to seeing that achievement in my hands.

Next on my list is tackling the big 4-0 celebration in August. I’m working hard on getting my body today back to pre-baby shape and taking care of my skin more to get rid of those nasty little wrinkles that remind me I’m not 20.

I’m not worried about the age so much as a birthday is a number to me and I go more with how I feel. I still feel like I’m in my 20’s with all my energy and drive. The reality is I now have 2 great daughters and I want to be an amazing mother and role model to them. The only way I see that happening is putting my actions towards those goals.

Don’t get me wrong. I have days I fail at my goals, but I remind myself yes I’m not perfect. I’m not a computer. I’m human and I accept my faults. In living each day with the glass half full, I have to be compassionate to myself and to others.

Praise yourself for all the things you did right today and everyday. For those actions that you did that you don’t like, know that you can’t change them. The beauty is from this point forward you can change to not do them again.

Go out and be the best version of yourself today. You will be happier. As silly as it sounds go and look in the mirror and tell yourself you are awesome. Why? Because you are!


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  1. Thanks for another great post Jane. I always appreciate your positive energy and zest for helping others. Congratulations as well on your great progress towards your goals!

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