1 week into 40 and Loving Life

Last week was the celebration of my 40th Birthday and I am truly blessed and thankful for everything. I have a wonderfully supportive husband, two beautiful girls and a job that I love to wake up to sit at my desk.

As a gift to you I am setting up a  one week sale of my book #FMJ Trust Transition Trade on Amazon September 1st-8th

I did not always have this gratitude in life. Especially while going through the process of immigration. If you are new to following me you will quickly learn that I am a believer in being in control of my own future based on my actions. Well the 2.5 years it took for me to immigrate my fate was in the hands of Canada. It was a time in my life I really learned patience.

For everyone that has gone through or is going through any sort of immigration process my heart goes out to you. It is all worth the struggles, but it truly takes patience and support from loved ones.

I think of all my experiences in life that was one of the toughest. However I also believe that life gives you every challenge and blessing at the right time. If I didn’t immigrate, then I might not have gone down the road of trading.  Everyday is a blessing because I love what I wake up to do every morning.

It definitely took hard work to find a winning strategy and to learn proper risk management. Once it clicks for you, then it is like seeing the 3d images in a magic eye book. It all of a sudden becomes clear.

Reading a chart technically is only part of perfecting your day trading skills. I have had many people ask me if I will start a trading room. I would love to have a trading room, but I believe that would take away from my passion of trading. I did a live webinar once and I quickly discovered I am not an expert at trading and answering questions. I love doing both but one at a time.

So I want to help you guys slowly learn how to read the charts and see the patterns that work for me. Starting in September I will be offering my morning watchlist with charts. The charts will have support and resistance on them to help you minimize risk and trade with the momentum.

When you start your day with a plan you are more likely to profit. I want to share my daily plan with you for only $19.99 a month. This is meant as a tool to help you learn in the beginning. When you trade by the seat of your pants it can cause big losses with emotional trading and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  I will offer 8-10 stocks half long and half short ideas.

I’m in the logistics phase right now to figure out the fastest way to get the email to you by 915 EST each morning.  I want to make sure that this doesn’t get hung up it cyber space delaying the information to you.




  1. Happy birthday Jane! Thanks for all the great information you share, and your service idea sounds neat. Hope this is your best decade yet! 🙂

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