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These are samples of how I do the charts on My Daily Watchlist emailer . I tend to look for the big movers on the long side that are lower float as they can move up more quickly and can allow for a nice big gain fairly quickly.  On the short side for my watchlist I look for the large float stocks as the momentum with many shares being traded hands tends to be more difficult to change the trends when there is a large float moving it in one direction.

The first on my watchlist going into Monday is $DCIX. If you had signed up for my watchlist you would have had this in your in box before open.This one had a reverse split on Friday and it was roughly 2.66 Mil from one site before the split so if it was a 7 to 1 that means 380K. The short volume on Friday was over 50% at 60% that means that roughly 10% traded on Friday are still short. If it breaks 11 on Monday I would expect a potential run to $35~40. With such a low float all it really needs is volume and social media behind it to run it up nowadays.

Second on the list is $ADMS which looks like it will have another potential breakout on the chart from this consolidation level. Looking for resistance of 29.35 to br broken.

Former runner $AKAO had a strong green day on friday and had 45% short volume on Friday with 19 Mil in the float. Resistance to break 14.18.

Then we have $NEOS which is another low float with that looks like a breakout area ( above 13.17) on the chart, so added to watch.  Lower volume on Friday compared to the others, but more volume than normal. 11.8 Mil float and 31% short volume on Friday

Final long on Watch is $OSIR that has run up to 22 before and looks like it could be at a breakout if the resistance level 6.45 are broken with strong volume. 34.38 Mil in float.

For Shorts The first one is $STMP that is in a void area. It broke down to close at LOD and then dropped to 170.5 afterhours. Lookin for a continuation downward to fill the gap to 159 if it breaks 170.5.

Next on short list is $FFG which you can tell had a big gap down and closed down at the end of the day as well. Looking for support of 72.6 to be broken. You can tell on the Daily chart it hit a double top and pulled back.

3rd on the list is $MGI that hit new 52 week lows and could continue down for a couple more days before a consolidation and then bounce or further drop. Support to be broken oaf 14.50

$AER has been on an upward trend and finally had the first pullback day. Given that Friday was a strong day in the market over all this went against the trend and could ba considered and Alpha stock going to the downside. Keep on watch for break of support of 52.

Last on the list is $AIG that had a red day with earnings. I would look for selloff down to 61 support and potential drop if 61 level is broken to downside.

I really enjoy sharing to help you all and this blog with the charting is here because I did a livestream of my watchlist this Sunday morning and I wasnt able to present the charts while I was talking in my normal weekly videos.

I hope it all helps and I love to hear feedback. Also keep you eyes open for the details on my upcoming Women in Trading Seminar June 23, 2018 in Orlando. And the answer is no it is not just for women. It is primarily women traders that will be presenting and have a more nuturing approach to seeing others succeed in trading.

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