What do you do daily to challenge yourself?

Change comes from stepping out of our comfort zone. The change of becoming a stay at home mom day trader was not an easy one or without fear. However the only way to overcome fear in life is to face it head on no matter what the situation is you are fearful about. Usually that fear is just a mental hurdle that we battle.

Never did I think the day that I started my journey to daytrade back, that I would be so open to helping others in the same journey. First with Twitter, then this blog, then YouTube, the book and now the Modern Traders Summit June 23rd.

I am always trying to put myself in your shoes to think about what someone could need in starting out and how I can help. Little did I know that in setting up the Summit I would be so challenged. With each new adventure in my journey of helping I discover newhurdles.

Planning the summit has been one full of suprises and great new challenges that I just tackle head on. I have been a bit absent from the blog because I did not anticipate all the details to be in planning the event. I am so thankful to all my friends and husband for their help and support in keeping me on track to make it happen.

We are now 3 weeks out and the speaker line up is amazing to cover all sorts of trading styles and markets. We have Cryptos, Futures, Options, Stocks, Shorting and more. All of the speakers have the same intention to help you succeed in your trading journey.

We all know that with the success comes hard work. It is not a get rich quick scheme. You must devote the time and there is not one time frame that works for each person on the road to success. The goal is to help you shorten that time frame. However with each personal goal it is up to you to succeed.

The time and effort that you put forth in challenging yourself each day will help you make it happen. I can’t remember if it was Grant Cardone or Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn that said if you want change in your life you need to have change in your actions. It is 100% true. If you want something different in life you need to do something different. So that means you shouldn’t wait, take that action today!

That is what it was for me in setting up the Modern Traders Summit. Taking action everydat to make it happen for you.

The opportunity for you to improve in trading from the speakers is right in front of you. It’s now your choice to take action to attend or watch it streaming.

Are you going to let this opportunity slip by or take action today?

Do you want that change to start today? Your actions predict your future….


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