Wouldn’t you like to trade like an insider? Like CEOs with insider information

Well I can tell you how to see the big prints to trade like them. We all want inside information that could almost ensure we will know what happens to a stock as far as running up or dropping like a rock.

While I was waiting for my TOT surgery in the preop area I completed the final chapters of Stefanie Kammerman’s book Dark Pool Secrets.

I am no stranger to Stefanie as she is one of the female traders that I had interviewed for my book.

Her book excited me again to so further research and really start following the dark pool prints and the action of the stock. There are crazy levels that you see and watch where  the stock goes from there.

I am now an avid watcher of the prints in her trading room The Java Pit. Where everyone keeps an eye out for a big print to indicate a move on a stock. The two that were probably the most dramatic were BABA and FL. Both had earnings and you know the earnings can be stellar and the stock reacts how the market decides.

Well BABA had amazing earnings and many people likely thought this is a sure bet to run for days. Well on her app notification shown below and also in the room we spotted a massive print.

Screenshot_20180823-203026_The Stock Whisperer

And what do you think happened from there. It dropped like a rock to a low of day of 171.91.  I truly feel bad for the longs in that scenario, but you can easily see that if the price action stays below the stock is bearish and above bullish. Now not every stock reacts immediately. There are some that take days like the recent AMZN upgrade that the prints came 2 days prior.

The price action that follows these prints is a pretty good indication that there is some market manipulation going on with the guys with big pockets. Just like pump and dumps of penny stocks that hype up the little penny stocks it happens in the big name stocks too. And those secret signs can be seen in the dark pool prints.

Now in using these secret dark pool print information you need to be patient. Sometimes it can take days for the direction to be shown or news to be released. However patience pays off and you know that the prints are backed by big $$$. So you dont want to go against this big money or you will definitely get burned.

I am always looking to expand my knowledge in reading trading books and books in general. If you have a great book recommendation shoot it my way. The more we read the more knowledge we gain and can make better educated decisions.

Im thankful for the copy that Stefanie gave me at the Modern Traders Summit. Who wouldnt want to trade with these secret prints.

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