Have we hit Euphoria in the market?

This weekend being Martin Luther King weekend we had an extra day off from the market. As always in doing my prep for the weekend, I review the headlines on FinTwit. Yes, I check out what others are posting and talking about on Twitter. Sure enough I saw this one tweet and I thought to … Read more

Best Online Stock Trading Community for Beginners

When you are a trader it can be very lonely at times. When I first started and I was studying online I felt I needed a community to help me along on my journey. It always helps to know that there are others that have walked in your shoes or can sympathize with what you … Read more

The Best Free Stock Screeners

If you follow me at all for sure you have heard me mention my goto stock scanner Trade Ideas. It is amazing software and when they have their test drives you can use the software for $8.99 for up to 10 trading days now. In reality not everyone has the capital to spend $100+ for … Read more

Prop Trading Firms | Is it the best way to start day trading?

We are in a very exciting time in the market when the cost to enter the market is dropping daily. In the past month we have seen all brokers drop their securities commissions fees down to zero except for Vanguard. So no commissions means it is easy to practice trading with real money. You could … Read more

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