Athletes have discipline and so do traders

Have you ever really thought about how disciplined olympic athletes are to get themselves in their tip top share to prepare for their competitions? Well they are not the only ones that have discipline. Stock traders deal with discipline everyday when they sit down at their desk the discipline cycle begins. Flow Chart of a … Read more

New Low Cost Commisions Broker Competition in Canada

Tastyworks Canada it will happen! That’s right it seems that Canadian traders will finally have that lower cost commision to look forward to the end of 2020. Tasty Works will be coming to Canada target date 4th quarter of 2020. Make sure you register above so that we can keep you updated of the changes … Read more

The Market is Irrational

I hear this all the time.. How can the market be up while the signs are pointing to the worst time in history for business and unemployment. Well let me tell you we have been following the uptrend easily because we are following the big guys in the dark pools. If you do not already … Read more

Trading from home

Trading from home for many is a blessing, but sometimes it can be a curse. For someone that is a big socializer, they might miss the attributes of having coworkers in an office setting. Working from home This was my goal once I had my first daughter. How can I set up my home office … Read more

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