How to change a perspective

I remember starting my journey the end of February last year with the goal of being profitable as a day trader. Then a couple of weeks ago I had my first day with over $1000 in profits. Now 7 weeks into 2016 I am up $4700+ after a couple losses and I feel disappointed with profits of $1100 this week working 3 days.

I remember when I thought I  just want to make a profit.

Dissatisfied with Trading

Now I feel like if I don’t make around $500 a day I’m not satisfied. Its interesting how perspective changes.

What I still need to be better at is cutting losers and not let them get away from me. I had some poor entries this week when I wasn’t a sniper waiting for the momentum to have already changed. Under water right now in 3 stocks $INCY, $TRIP and $RAX.

The best part of this week was chatting daily with my brother who is also excited about learning about day trading and in particular Tim Sykes’ methods. I loved starting off with Tim’s DVDs.

Then I found Warrior Trading Chatroom and I love it.  I tried it one day free and I thought if I make in one day what 3 months cost I will subscribe. I did and so I subscribed. What I like about this chatroom is you have Ross as a visual giving you audio and Mike and Ed in the chatroom too. You have 3 great guys with 3 great strategies.

My second reason for the chatroom are the scanners they customized from Trade Ideas. I have used them to find reversal trades and scalps to add to my daily wins. I’m happy to say I’m testing Trade Ideas now and I love all the features that you can add to scans and to alerts.

Artificial Intelligence Stock Software

The AI Holly that runs scans all night to find setups for the next day. It is amazing software. The one issue I have is I feel I still need to understand all the parameters to create alerts that target the stocks I’m looking for to trade.

There are plenty of chatrooms out there and teachers I think it is important to find one that has a fit with you. I like Ross Cameron a lot because I like the audio as he is doing his trades.

I had reminder today with my daughter home from daycare that I really should concentrate on her or trading but not both. I missed my close out opportunity for $TRIP.

Live a Life to the Fullest

As always Monday is a new day, a new week and new possibilities. As a stay at home mom I absolutely love my life day to day and thats what we live. Hard work and studying and adaptability will help you succeed.

I love hearing feedback from you. It makes my trading more personal and I like to hear how I can help you. If you have questions or comments you can contact me here or on Profitly, Twitter (@jane_yul), Instagram (missairplanejane), LinkedIn and Facebook (@sugarairplanejane). or YouTube

For my charts I use which offer free charting and paid services

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3 thoughts on “How to change a perspective”

  1. I am considering buying Tim’s systems but the issues is I feel like it’s a scam. Is it legit and are you making money with it. Every time I watch his vids on youtube and other things he seems so bragadouces that it reminds me of great preachers on TV, and they just want my money. What are your thoughts about his system. Truly curious and want to know if this is legit.

    • Pedro, Tim definitely uses the method of trying to get individuals excited by advertising lifestyle, however it is more to motivate people to study. His tools when used and studied can make you profitable. The problem is most people don’t put in the time and work to change their life. Most people want instant gratification. If someone wants it bad enough they will put in the time to study and learn. To be in the 10% you have to put in the time to learn. It doesn’t come without work. As for the DVDs I would recommend How to Make Millions to start It is a comprehensive 35 hour dvd with a great summary of many components needed to learn. A great starting point and continued daily study of charts and the market. It took me a good 9 months before I started to be profitable. You can do it too, but it takes work.

  2. I have heard mixed reviews about Road and warrior trading – they say he does not really trade and all his posted gains are made up because no one can really verify his gains – I did reach out to him via Twitter and he asked me to email him in private – I am just not sure, somethings does not smell right – are you still subscribed to that chat room?


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