Stock Trading Rules

  1. Don’t Force a trade it will probably end up being a loser.
  2. Be a sniper for the right entry. If you enter at the right time the trade should be easy and work right away.
  3. If your entry isn’t right and it goes against you. Cut the loss. There will be more set ups.
  4. Don’t size too big to cause stress
  5. Let winners develop
  6. If you take a loss try not to become an emotional trader and revenge trade.
  7. Wait until around 950 to enter a trade as the morning panics will show clearer price action around then. If in an overnight trade try to let it develop a little before closing too early allow price action to show itself.
  8.  Be thankful about all profits any positive will help grow the account.
  9. If it was a down day the day before learn from it and come to my desk clear headed.
  10. Try to get better each day and be patient with trades for entries and exits.
  11. Always take a bathroom break before open and make sure I have snacks and water.
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