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Press Kit Page

Jane Gallina first came to trading after having her first daughter and was laid off prior to giving birth. Jane an immigrant to Canada had hopes of continuing her real estate career and followed through in the necessary testing to receive a license in Quebec. As a former real estate agent she was able to pass the Real Estate Exam, however she did not pass the French Language exam. This was due to the fact that in the early months her first daughter had health issues not allowing her time to study for the French Exam

At this point her husband reminded her that she had made a great trade where she turned 25K into 250K in a 9 month timeframe. So Jane looked to being a trader. She likes to be hands on, so day trading seemed to peak her interest. So she researched online and stumbled across Timothy Sykes site. The hook line that got here was that he was searching for his next millionaire student.

She then signed up for the millionaire challenge program which cost roughly $6,000 at that time in 2015. She also opened up a $6,000 USD account. She began my studies of his dvds while my daughter was 6 months old. She started trading in the account and quickly proceeded to blow it up. Why? because she did not follow the rules. She made a mistake many new traders do and began trading before she really knew what she was doing in the market. It was September of 2015 once her daughter started daycare that she devoted my time of 8 hours a day to study as her job and was paper trading. By November 2015 she started trading with small capital of $10,000 and was slowly making profits. She then began to position larger asher winning trade ration was 70% of the time and her wins were larger than her losses.

It was thanks to Timothy Sykes that she first set up her Twitter account @jane_yul to see what was going on in the trading community. That quickly followed with her blog

Through out the year of 2016 she surpassed the milestone of 100K in profits gained and posted her trades along the way on She was full force into trading and excited to share through her blog and twitter to help others. In September of 2016 she went to my first traders conference put on by Timothy Sykes. It was in the airport on the way back that she began my YouTube Channel Airplane Jane.

Shortly after, she was asked to speak at a conference hosted by Trade Ideas about female traders. She was 8 months pregnant with our second daugher at that time.

In the first 12 weeks after her second daugher was born, she completed her first book #FMJ Trust Transition Trade about how other female traders had succeeded in trading as well.

Then later that year October of 2017 at Trade Ideas Second annual summit she announced the first Modern Traders Summit for June of 2018. The first Modern Traders Summit was held in Orlando Florida. The second Annual Modern Traders Summit is to be held in Montreal Canada.

The whole premise of the Modern Traders Summit is to bring positive like minded traders together that all want to see each other succeed in the market. There is enough money for everyone to profit in the market with the proper winning strategy for themselves. It is an empowering, encouraging and supportive environment to give back to traders and lift them up together.

Jane gained the nick name of Airplane Jane as she has had her private pilot’s license since 1996 and worked in aviation since then as well. She worked at 2 FBOs and then later as a cutomer service representative for a major US airline in both the States and Canada. She has never been a 9 to 5 person and one that has always had the entrepreneurial bug.

Since the age of 5 she was always looking for the self sufficient route. First selling lemonade, then potholders, then candy in school (buying in bulk and reselling), then selling jewelry, whole sale pastry business, real estate, and now trading and the Airplane Jane Brand.



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