Sell the News and Buy the Hype

Today I traded CTST CannTrust for a nice a nice 14% profit while taking my daughter for her final vaccines before School. So does it hold true that you should Sell the News and Buy the Hype. In this scenario I bought the bounce of an oversold stock.

For the general public it seems this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Why does this happen? The basic premise of Fear in trading.

The Fear of Losing Money

When people hear bad news such as a PCG Electric company announcing that with all the fires they might have to file for Bankruptcy. Over the next three weeks the investors became fearful and sold off their holdings and the stock dropped from 46 to 6. It was the fear that could have caused the initial sell off and then as stops were triggered it snowballed down the hill.

Oversold Buying Opportunities

This fearful selling can sometimes, but not always create a buying opportunity. If you have followed my blog I like seeing the stocks that have dropped outside of the Bollinger Bands and showing an oversold RSI. Sure enough this was CTST CannTrust today. In the past three days due to the news of selling illegal pot to a Danish Company according to health Canada.

This caused the stock to drop almost 50% in 3 days. This morning at open it dropped and then volume came in and the first candle had a big wick to the bottom. I jumped in at 2.85 and set a limit order to sell 75% at 3.26. Next week I’ll tell you why I chose that number. Sure enough it went to 3.27 and pulled back.

Buying the Rumor and Fear of Missing Out

When a company get hyped up that a buyout is happening the stock jumps up. Why does this happen? First the shorts usually exit when they hear the news because they become fearful that it is going to go up even more. Then you also have to people jumping in on this rise and they want to join into the momentum with a fear of missing out.

If this news is simply hype it can drop back down as quickly as it went up leaving those buyers at the top bag holding the stock. APC Anadarko Petroleum is a perfect example of this scenario. There were two instances of this when there was a bidding war for the buyout. First it jumped up to the 60s and then up to 70s.

Overbought Selling Opportunity

If this hype of a merger or a new contract turns out to be fake news. Then it creates an overbought selling opportunity for the stock. When these fake news gaps happen it creates a price outside the upper Bollinger Bands and a selloff back to the mid line. If you know the bell curve at all the Bollinger Bands outer ranges and the midline or typically 20 SMA becomes that midline.

With timing and patience opportunities appears

Trading is all about patience in finding the setups and letting the trade develop. I enjoy the oversold stocks and watching them find a bottom and retrace back some of the gap and profit. Its about creating a watch list and monitoring them, setting alerts and being away of the daily volume and daily movement for your entries and exits.

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