The Market is Irrational

I hear this all the time.. How can the market be up while the signs are pointing to the worst time in history for business and unemployment.

Well let me tell you we have been following the uptrend easily because we are following the big guys in the dark pools. If you do not already know what the darkpool of the stock market then check out this video below.

The say that the market can be irrational longer than you can be solvent is 100% true. You can look at the news and the fundamentals of a company all day long, however where the big guys of the market are placing their money they have the ability to manipulate the market.

It is best not to be stubborn in the market. Especially when you know that there is a large trade that has happened and you are against it. Even when you look at a company’s fundamentals (meaning their accounting statement) there is nothing to stop the stock from rising against the shorts and squeezing them.

It can be seen with stocks and it can even be seen with indexes. This is part of the reason why I pay attention to short volume. I have been tracking short volume for stocks and the indexes since mid February and learned alot about how people were being stubborn with shorts.

You can see the Indexes or stocks at the top row. and the week average for the stocks of short volume. If you look at week of April 2nd there were more people buying the major name stocks and the yet many people were still shorting the indexes.

So what happened was we had a big squeeze in the market. We also saw prints from the big guys if you want to learn more about trading around the dark pool come and join us in The Training Pit.

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