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With Airplane Jane ( & Mandi Pour Rafsendjani (

Testimonial from Jules H.:

In the Trading and Trading Psychology course I learned many trading strategies by Jane, such as how to use certain indicators to make better decisions,  when to exit trades because they ARE going down, different types of trades, such as reversals and how to find these trades, what to look for and how and when to execute them.  Mandi coached the psychology aspect of the course and I realized and learned so much about myself and my behaviors.  She taught me..
1.        Behaviors CAN be changed. 
2.        Goals are NOT achieved when you treat your goals like dreams
3.        Standards must be created, kept, and I must be honest with myself
4.        Psychology and trading DO go hand and hand and they both MUST be considered, developed and understood during each and every day
5.        I learned I am a High “D” and “I” and therefore needed more “C” to improve my trading.  I started a trading journal and took copious notes on all my trades.  I developed two types of trades really well and as a result in the six weeks I made just over $6000.00 and provided my husband an additional $7002.00 to his account as well.
6.       I’ve learned patients and to simply cut the loss while super small because it’s going against the plan I just made and reenter at a better time.  So simple. 
7.       Most important I got my confidence back and improved my trading and learned who I am as a trader and what aspects, weakness and strengths,  I always need to keep in the forefront of trading to protect my capitol.
I feel I am on the right track now and fined tuned the behaviors that truly define my trading ability. 
A quote from Mandi,  “ Every person can make it in trading.  You must train your-self and your minds-self too.”  
Thank you both for all you do to help others succeed in trading !!!!
Jules H

“There are fundamental principles and rules , that if you learn, practice and master them, will significantly improve your odds of creating a sustainable trading business and long lasting financial success.”

Would you ever consider buying a Ferrari without wheels? Well, that is almost every trader does who starts out learning the technical skills of trading without understanding how to successfully navigate the pitfalls of the trading mindset.
We (Jane and Mandi) have developed a training program that we wish we had when we started out on our journey to becoming a professional trader.
Join us for this unique training program, where we share with you our own winning trading strategies & skills as well as tips, tricks and insights into how to develop the winning trading mindset required to flawlessly execute these skills .
You will
· discover the path to consistent trading.
· learn how to identify tickers and trade setups that work for you.
· understand which risk & money management strategy is right for which trading style.
· learn practical skill and tricks to manage your fear, greed, anxiety, regrets, and stress to stop sabotaging yourself.
· develop the mental toughness to powerfully deal with pain of having had a losing day or even a losing streak.
We will share with you
· Case Studies and Trading Examples from working with extraordinary traders and their inspiring stories of how they overcame their challenges and succeeded.
· Q&A: you can ask questions about how to deal with difficulties that you may have encountered.

Your Training Week by Week

Pre-Course Work:
Your training begins on enrollment with an online trader assessment which will be useful for us to tailor the training to your individual needs.

Week 1 : Trading To Win : Foundations To Become A Successful Trader
If you think you are really in control of your trading you may have to think again: Find out why 95% of traders lose money and will never achieve their dream of financial freedom through trading, and discover the specific factors that really contribute towards being a successful trader so that you too can join the top 5% traders in the world. Learn about the 3 components of expertise that you must develop, if you want to build a long lasting sustainable trading business.
Week 2 :  Developing Your Winning Strategy: Identifying Tickers and Trade Setups that Work for You
Warren Buffet famously said Until you can manage your emotions, don’t expect to manage money. This week you will learn how to choose the market that is most suited for your personality style, and how to identify tickers with high probability trade setups. However, high probability trade setups are worth nothing if you suffer from a mindset that is prone to sabotaging all your attempts of success. We will talk about typical pitfalls and how to overcome them.
Week 3 : Self Sabotaging No More : How To Take Greater Control of Your Impulsive Trading
Learn the 3 steps to developing more trading discipline, with practical techniques that will enable you to become more aware of your unconscious process. You will understand why it is so hard for most traders to close out their losing trades and instead keep hoping that the trade will turn around and take profits too early just to helplessly watch their trade continue to rally. Learn a three step formula on how you can eliminate those bad behaviours and stack the odds in your favour.
Week 4 :  Overcoming Trading Challenges: Developing The Thoughts, Beliefs and Perceptions Needed For Successful Trading
Good trading decisions don’t happen by accident – they are a result of good thinking strategies! Your trading behaviour is not only influenced by emotional factors but more so adversely affected by a range of hidden cognitive, neurological, and social factors when making trading decisions. Some of these influences are conscious, but most are operating on an unconscious level and therefore extremely difficult for traders to overcome. As a result traders make consistently decisions that lead to substantial wealth destruction on their part and enables certain broker models to generate insane profits that go into the 2 figure millions. In this webinar you will learn how you need to think differently in order to make better trading decisions that result in consistent trading profits.
Week 5 : Our Trading Stories : How We Got Started In Trading And The Traits That Made Us Successful Traders
One of the toughest challenges in trading is to emotionally ‘surviving stupid losses’ that are inevitable on the journey to professional trading. We will each share our own trading stories, the pitfalls, the setbacks and how we dealt with fear, anxiety, stress and anger and actively developed feelings of confidence and improved our trading discipline.
Week 6 : Bring Out The Profitable Trader Within You: Moving Forward On Your Trading Journey
Performance Improvement is a function of measuring your trading statistics. In this webinar you learn about the 3 key success factors that lead to optimal trading performance and eventually to consistent profits.

399.00  Only 249.00 USD  Buy Now Button

Terms and Conditions

All materials provided for the course are the copyright and sole property of Airplane Jane. They may not be reproduced or distributed without permission.

Course fee is non refundable, however it is transferable to another trader, another course or used towards private coaching.

Trading involves the risk of loss.

This presentation is for educational purposes only and should not be solely relied upon as a recommendation or invitation to enter into a particular transaction or to apply a particular trading strategy. It is also not intended to be a substitute for professional counseling, therapy or medical treatment nor is it intended to diagnose or treat any psychological condition.

You should not engage in trading, unless you understand the nature of the relevant markets, the rules and application of these rules to the strategy/strategies you are trading, the products and the full extent of your exposure to risk of financial loss.

(i) The information contained in this presentation has been prepared without taking account the objectives, financial situations or needs of any particular client: and

(ii) Because of that, the attendee should, before acting on any information, consider the appropriateness of the information, having regard to their personal objectives, financial situation and needs and must seek professional advice.

By attending this presentation you do so at your own will and in doing so waive liability to any claims against the host, presenter and any associated organisations and people.