Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day | Online Shopping Deals

Amazon Prime Day

The deals for Amazon Prime Day have already started. It’s the Christmas in July sale to drive sales up mid year for Amazon. Last year the one day event was even bigger than Black Friday sales. However all of these deals are not available to everyone, they are exclusive to prime members which you can try for free for 30 days. There are some Deals exclusive to Alexa owners as well. You simply ask Alexa what deals are for you.


With Amazon as the biggest online retailer the sales that come from Amazon Prime Day Deals can create a ripple effect in the market. If the sales are higher than expected it could in turn cause Amazon to increase in price.

This increase in price would then in turn help the market to run up to newer highs. If you ever want to see what ETFs could be affected by the move of a single stock simpy go to

The link above is set up for AMZN and you would quickly learn that there are 139 ETFS that could be affected by price action of AMZN. The SPY has 3.31% of its holdings in AMZN and QQQ has 10.45% of its holdings in AMZN. This information was taken from For the SPY that is the third largest holding and for QQQ the second largest holding besides MSFT. So the price action can affect the whole market.

Not only that but it can affect the rest of the Retail sector and the XRT or Retail ETF. Amazon has truly taken over the retail world and transformed it from an in store experience to an online shopping experience. It was one of Bezos visions over 20 years ago.

To me it is now Amazon shopping online first and then compare everywhere else. The interesting thing is after living in France and Italy 19 years ago to now in Canada the evolution on Amazon internationally is amazing. This is not just a simple mom and pop operation this is now global and will likely cause ripple effects in the Retail world internationally.

My tracking of Amazon quickly earned me the nickname of JungleJane in the Java Pit Trading Room. When you see what is going on with Amazon you now know how it can affect the SPY and QQQ index ETFs.

Enjoy those deals, and be prepared for this weeks announcements of the sales and how that could likely affect the price and the market overall.

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