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When you are a trader it can be very lonely at times. When I first started and I was studying online I felt I needed a community to help me along on my journey. It always helps to know that there are others that have walked in your shoes or can sympathize with what you are going through and the emotions you might be feeling.

Just like when someone goes through a divorce, they feel like them might be the only person that is feeling this pain and difficulty in life. The reality is that many people have dealt with divorce. If you speak with others it can help lift you out of your personal funk and downward pyschological spiral.

All that said a trading community can help you with your trading in my opinion.

Connect with a community

There are more trading chat rooms and trading rooms and stock education platforms out there in which you can share with others. I know that for me the first community of traders I entered was a filled with a bit too much testosterone and one up man ship. Who was the best? That mindest was not the best for me because it made me feel poorly if I had an error in the beginning.

I then reset and joined a second trading community that offered 3 different points of views instead of just one traders viewpoint. This really helped me to learn that your winning strategy has to mesh with your capital that you can commit, your timeframe you can commit and your risk tolerance.

This acceptance by a community of traders virutally is great, however having a chance to meet with them in person is even more fulfilling. That was the whole reason why I developed the Modern Traders Summit.

Modern Traders Summit

The Basis of the Modern Traders Summit is for traders to come together in a real life atmosphere to share their experiences, their techniques and connect in person. The first trading seminar I went to was a year and a half into my day trading career and afterwards I realized that if I had visited one in the first 6 months I could have streamlined my learning curve.

So in 2018 the Modern Traders Summit was born to bring positive traders to speak to other traders and interact. This is not your sales pitch type summit it is to help other traders and really allow you time in person with some bigger names in the trading world. There will also be a live trading day on the second day so you can see them in action. No putting them up on a pedestal, they are right there with you to help you.

This year it will be held in Philadelphia Sunday and Monday July 12,13th right in downtown by city hall. Seats are limited and selling out quickly, so make sure to reserve yours before we sell out.

The Power of Positivity

There are two methods of thinking the Glass Half Full or the Glass Half Empty. Do you have the scarcity mindset? Do you worry about not having enough money or enough free time? You have the ability to change that and it comes with the people that you surround yourself with on a daily basis.

If you find yourself in a trading room that does not fulfill your positive thought tank of yourself or your thoughts then maybe you need to assess if it is the best for you. I know I went through that in the beginning of my day trading.

You can beat yourself up or you can have environment that says hey learn from your mistakes you are along the way in your journey. You are new or learning a new strategy be kind to yourself and know that no one was perfect at the start.

There is so much pyschology in Trading and if your trading community isnt giving you the ability to self reflect in a positive way, then do you want to stay there?

I mean do you think that Surgeons knew just what to do their first day of medical school. I highly doubt it and you do yourself an injustice when you look yourself in the mirror and you tell yourself you suck or your are awful because you had a bad trade.

All that being said I want to tell you the traders that I mesh with the most in their positive environments.

Top Chat Rooms

Some people say chat rooms and I prefer to say trading room. The top trading rooms to me are

All of these are run my amazing people that have the vision of abundance and wealth for everyone in their trading communities. They are all Positive environments.

Trade Ideas Free Trading Room

Has been set up to help traders in understanding how Trade Ideas Software can help you profit. There are some amazing traders there that help fellow traders on a daily basis from the goodness of their hearts. There is no negativity allowed by Barrie the Moderator. For a newer trader that might want to learn a bit before they can afford the scanning software or the costs of a trading room it is a great first step.

The Training Pit – a Teaching Trading Room

The Training Pit, run by the Stock Whisperer Trading Company, is where I am one of four teachers that help new traders learn from zero knowledge or those that really want to reboot their trading to learn to trade around the darkpools. We take nothing for granted and teach you from the ground up. (What is a Stock, Brokers, Setting up Software, Which Brokers to Choose, Daily Whisper, Daily Whisper Video, Over 40 live webinars a month, and the webinars are able to be downloaded if you miss them live while you are a subscriber ) This trading room is $99 a month

The Java Pit – Advanced Trading Room

The Java Pit is also run by Stefanie Kammerman the Founder of the Stock Whisperer Trading Company. The Java Pit is not a room for a beginner as you definitely need to understand timing of trading, how to trade stocks, options and trading around the darkpool. If you are interested in joining the Java Pit you can email Stefanie ( ) and she might recomment Boot Camp to complete all the requirements stated above.

Bulls on Wall Street – Day Trading and Swing Trading Room

Bulls on Wall Street is run by Kunal Desai and Paul Singh. Kunal and Paul are two individuals that want to help many traders expand their knowledge and break down trading into simple strategies to profit. They offer free training and ebook as well for newer traders that want to learn more about trading. $199 monthly to $1499 annually

Bear Bulls Traders – Day Trading Community established to help new traders

Bear Bulls Traders was founded by multi best selling author Andrew Aziz. Andrew came to trading after also being laid off and looking for a career in the trading world. Andrew likes to emphasize risk management and helping others in his trading community as he was also a newer trader at one time and enjoys hearing the success stories of others. Pricing ranges from $99/ Month to $1999 for lifetime access. They have offered anyone a 10% discount on the one time lifetime access with SEEJANETRADE code when you sign up.

Real Life Trading – run by one of the most positive people I know

Jerremy Alexander Newsome is one of the most positive people I have met. He grew up working hard for his capital that he used for trading. Again as most professional traders Jerremy concentrates on simplistic strategies for traders to profit. Talking about R – risk and banking R month after month with proper risk management. He is a Jerremy of all trades and also hosts his own Traders Summit (use JANE to save 10%) as well as his own trading book. $199 monthly for afternoon access, $249 monthly for morning access and a package of $349 monthly for AM, PM and Options Newsletter.

I love hearing feedback, so please share. You can also contact me on my social media accounts Twitter (@ItsAirplaneJane), Instagram (missairplanejane), LinkedIn and Facebook (@sugarairplanejane) or YouTube

The tool I use for scanning and alerting is Trade Ideas who offer an always free trading room. You can receive 5% off with Promo code CARPEPROFIT15 all caps when you sign up here for your first year or month

Trade Ideas will be offering the quarterly full access test drive of their software their software in Nov 2019 for the cost of data fees $9. 

Another amazing software is Trendspider that has a new innovative rain drop candlestick that shows the volume for the morning session and afternoon session as far as the weight of it in price action. You can try them for free for 7 days here and receive 20% off with MTS20

My book is available at Amazon FMJ Trust Transition Trade: How Successful Traders Said It, Did It, and Lived It . As well as  Barnes and Noble, IndigoChapters,and more.

For my charts I use Tradingview which offer free charting and paid services.

Also Stocks To Trade that has a 2 week $7 trial

This blog is for informational and educational purposes. I am not a registered securities broker-dealer or an investment adviser. The information here is not intended as securities brokerage, investment or as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy, or as an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any security or fund.

12 thoughts on “Best Online Stock Trading Community for Beginners”

  1. Hi, there’s a lot more to trade him than people think. I have tried learning about it myself in the past several times, and I found it to be Too overwhelming. I find it boring as heck be honest. I think having a community that you can meet with especially in person is a very good idea. You have to be careful about Whose advice you were following, all in all, I like your advice about getting into a community for beginners. Just make sure that you choose the right to community, and patience is the name of the game.

    • Jake you are 100% correct. You need to find a community and mentor to help you along in your journey that will be honest with you when you make a mistake and support you to keep you positive in your learning

  2. You are so right about the power of having a community around you for a business like day-trading or online trading from home. It is the same with many such jobs these days. You work alone and have no one to talk to or get some answers from. The suggestions for the best online community for beginners to consider look very promising.

    The one that most attracted me was the Real Life Trading community. That positivity is something that would be most welcomed by me and I am sure it will help keep me going and I likely will learn a lot too. That is the one I will try too. I have bookmarked the article so I can try some of the others as well, going forward.

    I also like the summit idea. So much can be learned at these conferences and you can meet people that take the business to a whole new level for you. I wish you the best with your own upcoming summit and I am sure you will get a lot of people that will sign up. If I was closer I would be there for sure!   

    • Thank you Dave, If you do try out the Real Life Trading community tell Jerremy you connected through Jane. We all try to help each other out and happy to help you along in your journey.

  3. I found this content highly educational because I didn’t know much about trading and where to go for easy to follow strategies. The information on trading rooms was valuable. I’ve noted them and will follow up further on three of the links. Thanks for sharing all this detail that you may have accumulated through your own experience. 

    • Lulu 

        My pleasure to share as I know there is an ocean of information to navigate through and its better to be on a stable cruise ship making the journey together than a small dingy with no engine and just a set of paddles

  4. Hi Jane,

    I have tried to teach myself trading on and off over the years. I have books but it’s not my preferred way of learning. I remember starting in early 2008 because I wanted to make a go of it from home because I was pregnant and thought it would be a good idea to develop a strategy to work from home. Then we all know what happened around that time. We lost over 50% of everything we put in as a result of the GFC. Then I suppose I lost all my confidence. I still have some stock but honestly I don’t know what I’m doing and even when I try to get back into I just don’t have the energy there. I think it’s because I’m doing it on my own and I need to ask questions but have no one to go to. 

    I”m truly a beginner so I do need support and that’s why I haven’t made progress I think. Lack of skills together with lack of confidence in my ability doesn’t add up to a success story without some additional help. Joining a community for beginners is exactly what I need I think. I’ll investigate your recommended groups and see which one/s gel with me.

    Thanks Jane. Your site is going to be a great resource for me.



    • Melissa,  

         I’m sorry that you had a bad experience. In the Training Pit we always recommend paper trading or using fake money first before real money. When you haven’t learned the rules it is very easy for the market to take your money. Happy to help if you need help along the way.  

  5. I have so often wanted to learn more about day trading but had no idea that there were chat rooms devoted to this with inspired people actually willing to help!  I’m a bit shy so I would want to steer clear of that first one you got into (too testosterony) but would feel comfortable in one that doesn’t mind noobies.  I REALLY like the idea behind the Trading Pit and it sounds awesome!  I am wondering if the others are free or do you normally have to pay to be in these chat rooms?  Thank you so much for this great information!

    • Thank you for reminding me to put the cost of the other rooms there as well. The only one that I know of that is completely free all the time is Trade Ideas 

  6. I have been considering online stock trading for a while now. But to be honest, I am very concerned that I would not achieve a rate of return above what I would get with an S&P 500 index fund.

    Having said that, I’ve always been intrigued by the possibility of bitting the market average. It sounds like the Modern Traders Summit would be a would platform for a beginner trader like me. 

    I am considering attending. I live in Delaware. So it would be a couple of hours drive.

    Thank you for the information

    • Jose,  the best thing that I can recommend in someone just coming to trading is to study first and paper trader or trade with fake money until you find a strategy that works for you. The market will happily take your money if you don’t know what you are doing. 


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