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I will explain fully what Stocks to Trade in this post. I first learned of Stocks To Trade as a Millionaire Challenge student of Timothy Sykes.

I was using Equityfeed at the time and Tim wanted to create something that was better than Equityfeed for trading.

As with all trading softwares the initial software is developed initially for the funding partners and then it will evolve over time. The initial version of StocksToTrade was released back in 2009.

At that time it was fairly basic with the charting , alerts of highs and lows of the day and the use of level 2 and indicators.

StocksToTrade Software

stockstotrade software

In the past 9 years the software has truly evolved.

  • Stock Scanning ( With Penny Stocks in mind)
  • Alerting System
  • Oracle -Custom Algo
  • News Fees, Sec Reports
  • Twitter filter
  • Broker Linking for Trading ( Special Deal with Tradier Brokerage)
  • Paper Trading
  • Modern Charting with drawing and indicators.
  • Free Level 1
  • Stocks to Trade University
  • Add Ons (Level 2, Chat Channel, Trade Sentiment, Pro)

Free Tools they offer outside of the Platform

  • StocksToTrade Youtube Channel
  • StocksToTrade Blog
  • StocksToTrade Twitter

Before I expand on the above features lets talk about more about the expense of StocksToTrade

StocksToTrade Cost

For the basic version of StocksToTrade monthly costs you are looking at a 14 day trial for $7 and then a cost of $179.95 per month or an annual version for $1899.50 a $250 a year savings.

What you could do is if you like it on the 13th day upgrade to annual and you have saved more than $250 getting those additional days for $7.

You have the ability to add the Level 2 Market depth for $29.00 each month.

The Add on of Tip Ranks Trade Sentiment would be an additional $8.95 each month.

The cost of adding the Chat Channel is $6.95 per month.

So if you go for all the bells and whistles then you could be spending $179.95+$29.00+$8.95+$6.95 = $224.85 a month ( x12 for a year $2698.20)

I’m not sure if they would give you a deal if you buy the annual and you would like to get level 2 or the chat for the whole year as well. You would likely have to email them to find out.

The customer service is quick to rely and resolve issues if they do occur.

StocksToTrade Features

All of the Features in StocksToTrade have been developed by traders for traders. I remember when I first started using the platform back in 2016 and they were taking feedback from all the users.

Emailing them to find out what the liked and what they didn’t like. The honest true of trading platform is that you are never going to be able to find one platform that is going to fit all traders.

Here are some of the top features that are amazing with StocksToTrade.

First off it is a great scanning tool and the ability to see on the chart as well as set the alerts for stocks breaking new highs or new lows on the day.

There is the feature of being able to see the premarket and postmarket price action.

The Oracle with the 15 proprietry algo scans to find setups is pretty awesome as well.

The ability to have the all in one screen is great for single screen laptop traders to have the news, SEC filings, Price action, Charting and the linking to your broker all in one spot.

tim bohen stockstotrade

The Stocks to Trade University is amazing as well for new traders to be able to watch videos to educate themselves more, which goes with the hand in hand feature of papertrading capacity.

Any Time that a platform will allow you to train on their software it makes it easier to place real money trades later as understanding the software, especially with penny stock trades is crucial.

StocksToTrade Cons

For me the cons are that they Level 2 is an add on feature. I am someone that absolutely loves to see the orders lined up on the books.

The Time and sales will help you see the past, but the orders lined up can help you to view where the stock might stall or reverse for that day trade.

Another con for me could be a plus for someone else. I like to have multiple screens going and the ability to take my charts off the main page and enlarge them.

StocksToTrade all in one screen has tabs where you can see the price action at the top of each tab, but you can’t open that chart on another window as far as I have figured out.

One minor detail but a big one for me is I like to have the ability to set up a custom timeframe on the chart. I like to watch the 45 minute chart.

To let you know my evolution I used to love the 1 minute, then the 2 minute, then the 5 minute and now the 45 minute chart. I have also gone more from a scalper to a intrady trade or swing trader after seeing the bigger moves tend to come overnight.

StocksToTrade vs The Competition

Overall the platform has alot of amazing attributes. Not every platform out there will give you a free trial, but half a month is pretty good.

The development of the alerts on the chart is pretty cool as well as the all in one to find out stock information such as the filings, news and social sentiment.

The trading world is evolving at a fast pace and I believe the two biggest competitors for scanning and alerting stocks are StocksToTrade and TradeIdeas

I hope my personal review and perspective on StocksToTrade helps you in your decision making. I truly believe the software that you use is a personal preference.

There are some amazing features and attributes with the software, but Trade Ideas is my number one for stock alerting software and using AI in trading.

I love hearing feedback from you. It makes my trading more personal and I like to hear how I can help you. If you would like to be in Training Pit with me sign up here or if you want one on one training you can email me You can contact me here or Twitter (@ItsAirplaneJane), Instagram (missairplanejane), LinkedIn and Facebook (@sugarairplanejane) or YouTube

The tool I use for scanning and alerting is Trade Ideas who offer an always free trading room. You can receive 5% off with Promo code CARPEPROFIT15 all caps when you sign up here for your first year or month

Trade Ideas will be offering the quarterly full access test drive of their software their software in Nov 2019 for the cost of data fees $9. 

Another amazing software is Trendspider that has a new innovative rain drop candlestick that shows the volume for the morning session and afternoon session as far as the weight of it in price action. You can try them for free for 7 days here and receive 20% off with MTS20

My book is available at Amazon FMJ Trust Transition Trade: How Successful Traders Said It, Did It, and Lived It . As well as  Barnes and Noble, IndigoChapters,and more.

For my charts I use which offer free charting and paid services.

Also Stocks To Trade that has a 2 week $7 trial

This blog is for informational and educational purposes. I am not a registered securities broker-dealer or an investment adviser. The information here is not intended as securities brokerage, investment or as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy, or as an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any security or fund.

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