New Low Cost Commisions Broker Competition in Canada

Tastyworks Canada it will happen!

That’s right it seems that Canadian traders will finally have that lower cost commision to look forward to the end of 2020. Tasty Works will be coming to Canada target date 4th quarter of 2020.

Make sure you register above so that we can keep you updated of the changes and you will be able to trade stocks wait for it……comission free.

Last week I spoke with the CEO, Kristi Ross of Tasty Trade, and she said coming to Canada is priority for the company. It is not an easy process with the legal reporting laws for the countries. The company is determined to make it happen.

Low Cost Commissions Canada

So what are we really talking for the Commission that you will be getting for Tastyworks in Canada.

Kristi confirmed that the accounts will be in USD and the commission structure is going to be the same as that of the US company which you can see below.

Can you believe it you wil be able to get in and out of stocks for $0 from your broker. There might be small exchange fees, but Tastyworks is not going to charge you and options will be $1.00 per contract max $10

I know right this is unbelieveable. If you want to make sure that you know about this when it happens please sign up above so you can know how you can save money on commissions and more profits back in your pocket.

You all know I always try to give you the best free products out there and this is going to likely cause a commission revolution in Canada, but no guarantees, so be in the know and try Tasty works.

Minimum to Open Tastyworks Account

I’m sure you thought that is amazing on commission right, well it just gets better. Many of the Canadian brokers with better tools such as charting and level 2 have high minimum requirements to trade US securities instruments.

Again Tastyworks is making it easier to enter the trading world with a minimum of only $2000 USD to open an account to for trading.

This I know can be a big hurdle for newer traders to begin trading in Canada with a broker locally. There are off shore brokers, but I have heard horror stories about money being tied up and people not being able to withdraw their own funds.

Small Exchange in Canada

The Small Exchange securities instruments will be available with Tastyworks, but that will likely come in 2021 as the Futures intruments are in the works for Tastyworks Canada. All Futures products should be available, but patience we be part of that once they are established in Canada end of this year.

Save on Commissions in Canada

Commissions are a huge cose for Canadian traders. When you are looking about making a profit in a trade you have to manage risk and also take cost of the trade into the equation. Well when you are trading stocks at $0 commission then you have more room on your risk and you can always get in and out no cost.

It will make it easier to manage risk with a zero cost. So make sure to sign up on the mailing list and I will keep you up to date with the progression of the new savings that are possible for Canadian traders.

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